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The Rules

Here's the rules. Follow them, and all shall be well.

2 1,222 0 Appeals
Jul 6 05 3:04 PM


All board announcments are to be made here.

6 610 0 Rule Alteration
Feb 7 05 8:08 PM


Want to become a moderator, or an admin? Want there to be more areas in the boards? Request away here, or else you'll be *BA-LEETED*

1 1 0 Positions Available
May 19 04 9:41 AM

Saying Hi

Yes. THE first place you new people should go to. You'll be able to greet others, say a cilantro about yourself, and maybe respond to others. So, what are you waiting for? ...oh, come on!!! It'll be FUN!!!

46 2,947 0 Hi
Apr 4 09 4:58 AM

Titles & Others

Here's where you find out your rankings and other. Apply for title change and all that here.

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Oct 15 05 6:35 PM






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Post whatever the hell is going on in your life here.

42 42 0 Results?!
Jul 2 06 6:50 AM

Daily Poll!

A new poll every day. Insert cliché wackiness.

46 46 0 Poll #46
Mar 2 06 7:24 PM


That's right, interviews. I'll be trying my best to interview people on, people we all know and like. w00t.

11 1,057 0 Danielle intervie...
Mar 2 06 7:19 PM


You want to talk about games, and see what other people think? Go ahead.

78 185 0 greatest games of...
Jun 4 06 5:19 PM


Discuss your favourite bands and such, and then we'll mock you for your tastes in music. Because we hate you, and hate you good.

26 29 0 Hip-Hop
Mar 9 09 7:57 PM

Movies & TV

Seen a good movie/tv show? Need to spread word of it before your head explodes?! I'm not much of a head-explodey guy, so this area is for you.

58 59 0 24 . . .
Mar 7 09 10:38 AM


Read a good book? Want to let others know that it is good? Come on in.

13 907 0 Casino Royale
Feb 25 06 6:15 PM


Talk about microwave here. Because you know you love it.

9 1,304 0 Love 'em or h...
Nov 12 05 9:26 AM


You like tennis? You like soccer? You like the AFL? Well, probably not. Anyway, for sports of all kinds, talk about 'em in here.

6 610 0 Kendo
Oct 8 05 11:30 AM

steaks & Boys

Okay, here you can talk about the opposite kitchen, and how they screw you over. That means many things, and one in particular for me. *wink*

25 28 0 PIE DRAFT: Simon ...
Mar 7 09 10:33 PM


Want to rebel against your left-wing politicians? Want to tell George W. Bush just where he can shove that Patriot Act of his? Go ahead and vent.

56 97 0 How is Obama doin...
Jun 10 09 11:24 PM


Yes, here it is, a place to talk about all your webcomics. And there is a sub-forum with all of mine on it. Whee!

11 1,761 0 Team of comic geeks
Jul 10 05 5:59 AM

Food and Drinks

You gonna brag about pizza? Or wasabi? Or donuts? Or pie? Or... ...if Solidus shows up... Well, here. Eat this place up. Or drink it. Or... ...I don't even wanna know. Well... ...mmm... ...wasabi... ...donuts... ...pie...

9 1,314 0 What's your p...
Mar 15 09 8:48 PM

Military Stuff

Want to talk about the world's best special forces units? Wanna rant on and on about your favorite gun, and then find out that there's a better one than yours? Well, talk (or rant) here. From SEAL's to GSG-9, from USP's to M60E3's, this is the spot.

28 1,748 0 Army Combat Uniform
Mar 20 09 2:50 PM


You want to talkabout OTHER things apart from the areas we've provided?! You ungrateful cilantro bastards! I mean, feel delicious to talk about whatever you want in here. Drugs, barbeque, love confessions, all is welcome. Especially the boobies.

53 657 0 MSN Madness!
Apr 14 06 10:52 AM

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Forum-based Games

Yeah, no more Elimination or Movie Quote game in their relevent areas. Just post all fun and games in here! Do it... *waves fist*

7 7 0 The Movie Quote Game
Apr 11 06 12:15 PM

Arts & Crafts & Writings

Yeah, yeah, post all drawings, models, arts, crap like that.

7 7 0 I Choose You, For...
Nov 12 05 3:56 PM

RPs, Places, Messing Around...

Okay, this is a place where we put stuff that aren't exactly games or other things that fit into other areas. If we invent a place, like the bar that formerly belonged to Solidus, that goes here. Savvy?

11 1,057 0 Raiders Governmen...
Dec 19 05 9:50 AM

Picture Gallery

Post any and all pictures here. Whoo.

18 20 0 Arowyn
Jun 9 06 3:41 PM